Telecoms: communication solutions in Luxembourg

Efficient and easily customisable, the various solutions offered by Telindus enable your employees to benefit from a mobile offer matching their real needs, in accordance with those of your company

  • Unified communications: telephony and cloud collaboration

    The Telindus telephone and cloud collaboration offering is very well designed, in terms of both services and ergonomics. Its unlimited flexibility allows us to offer you hybrid cloud solutions perfectly matching your needs.

    The service is built on a highly sophisticated infrastructure, hosted in the best datacentres in Luxembourg.

  • Connectivity solutions for business

    Data exchange between partners, cloud applications, mobile devices or even remote sites continues to increase, requiring you to adapt the functioning of your company constantly. With such data a basic resource for your business, you need real-time access. This is why hyper-fast, reliable and secure connections are indispensable to the sustainability of your company.

    The Telindus connectivity solution helps you overcome these challenges, as well as boosting the productivity of your employees and partners and the efficiency of your business processes.

  • Mobile telecommunication: phone plans and options

    Telindus provides mobile solutions matching all your needs.

    Backed by the experience of Proximus and Tango, Telindus has developed a range of very innovative professional mobile products. Our partnership with Vodafone also offers you extensive possibilities for your international needs.  Whether an SME or large company, whatever your communication needs, we have a matching offer for you.  We offer a “pay-as-you-use” rate, a fixed mobile flat-rate or a rate adapted each month to your usage. Thanks to these options, you are guaranteed a 100% customised solution.

  • Business telecommunication: fixed telephony and call recorder

    Telindus has developed a wealth of know-how in the field telephony, allowing it to offer top VoIP solutions, call management solutions and even the integration of telephony into your software applications, all of this via modern pricing models. For you, this means an unbeatable service for your customers.

  • e-assistant - let's find the best telecom solution for your business


    Are you looking for the best solution to fit your company's mobile or fixed-line telecommunications needs? Do you need a maximum flexibility, innovative and secure solutions? Telindus proposes you to define in a few clicks the solution that best suits your business.


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