A global volume of data or voice shared among your employees


Solutions2Share is a simple, flexible and efficient mobile pooling offer tailored to companywide needs, where it minimizes the risk of overconsumption allowing each employee to access data and voice services.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits

Pooled offer

All employees share resources from common volumes. 

Smart adaptability

Revolutionary, pioneer and intelligent auto-adaptable mechanism that provides additional volume without over dimensioning. Fair volume at a fair price and no surprises!


Efficient solution thanks to sharing, no more partially used individual packs.

Cost control

You control and supervise your costs. Options available to manage consumption and guarantee invoice stability.
Notifications, alerting, blocking and throttling are at your disposal for a “no surprise” experience.


Only overall volumes need to be managed. When additional volume is required, it is automatically added thanks to Smart adaptability.


Use of available volumes per user

Customized volumes for Voice/SMS and Data packages: You can choose any package volume 

Smart adaptability adds additional packages when required based in monthly consumption evolution

All in one: national and international & roaming traffic - within Zone 1* – included in the product

Options available to control consumption for each employee: Alerting, blocking and Throttling

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