Infrastructure Security

Ensuring the security of your infrastructures against threats


The development of new technologies brings with it a steady increase in the risks of your company being exposed to threats.  The challenge of protecting the company’s assets (technologies and data) is all the greater as practices are developing more and more towards flexibility, mobility and teleworking. Then there is the need to comply with the regulations in force (GDPR). Deploying the best protection strategy for your IT infrastructure is a constant challenge. Through the implementation of solutions and/or services and an appropriate security infrastructure, you can safeguard the entire scope defined by your IT landscape. Create, enhance and control access, thereby protecting your most sensitive assets. Telindus places its years of expertise at your disposal to provide comprehensive protection measures for your information systems.

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End-to-end control

Telindus enables you to secure the various bricks of your network infrastructure (from the WAN to the LAN), Internet (access to the web, e-mail, etc.), remote access (MDM, strong authentication systems, etc.) systems and storage. Only a full-service partner can offer this approach

Established partners

Telindus works with established technological partners to guarantee your satisfaction with the projects


Our teams of dedicated experts specialised in infrastructure and security audits will support you throughout your projects

Concentrate on your core business

Telindus guarantees an end-to-end project cycle for the optimal security of your infrastructure and facilities. Our cross-functional capacity to handle the integration, audit, design and supervision of your security infrastructures will leave you free to focus on your business priorities

You can rely on us

Our teams are also available to provide continuous service, simplify your day-to-day tasks and help you improve your operational structures


Comprehensive solutions in line with regulatory requirements

Permanent infrastructure optimisation

Technological monitoring (Laboratory in Telindus)

Many references in the Luxembourg ecosystem (banks, government and industry)

More than 24 years of experience in implementing security equipment and infrastructures

More than 17 years of experience in infrastructure security auditing

Certified consultants (Cisco, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Bluecoat, Fortinet, Clearswift, Forcepoint, Splunk, ISO27001, ITILv3, etc.)

Financial Sector Professional (FSP) – operator of primary IT systems in the financial sector (Article 29-3)

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