Devices Enrollment

Your mobile devices configured and ready to use!


Have a turnkey option to configure your mobile devices before they are deployed within the company.

With Telindus' new "Devices Enrollement" program you can define the security, administration and configuration settings for mobile devices in advance, i.e. before they are put into service. You are thus free to choose the mobile platform of your choice and your employees are immediately operational with their equipment.

Telindus is the only operator in Luxembourg able to offer this service on various operating systems (Android, iOS and Knox).

  • Advantages
  • Benefits


Automatic deployment, avoiding configuration errors


You control how your employees use their devices by managing EMM rules centrally and securely


You have "ready to use" terminals. Your employees can directly use the device with predefined applications and configurations


You are no longer limited to a single device manufacturer or a specific EMM supplier. Telindus "Devices Enrollment" allows large-scale deployments between several device manufacturers as well as with the most important EMM suppliers

Time saving

Since configurations are defined in bulk, IT administrators are relieved of maintenance tasks when new devices need to be deployed. This contactless terminal registration program ensures faster, simpler and therefore less costly deployments


Availability on web interface or via API

Compatible with multiple device providers (Android 8.0 or higher)

Compatible with major EMM suppliers

Possibility to apply individual configurations to certain devices

Device provisioning via CSV file

User management

Reseller management

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