Enterprise Mobile Management

Security & mobility together!


Today, many employees find the boundaries between private and professional life melting away as their companies’ communications go digital and rely massively on mobile devices. Just about any task can now be done on a smartphone or tablet; but though the tools that are used for business look and feel like the ones familiar to consumers, their use still needs to be regulated by the company’s own rules – on data security more than anything.

There’s a whole range of technological solutions for managing employees’ mobile devices, and keeping them and their data secure. At Telindus it’s EMM solutions (Enterprise Mobile Management) that provides the central point for integrated management and regulation of company mobiles.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits

Security & compliance

Help your organisation comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and prevent vital data falling into the wrong hands if any device is lost or stolen

Simple to manage

Get an overview of all your organisation’s mobile devices, their location and their users

User experience

Ensure personalized, properly-managed use: your staff can work securely anywhere, any time

Cost control

Cut management costs by setting up user groups or device groups and making group rules – no need for individual device management


Help your employees to be more productive using their personal or business mobiles – with no compromise on security


Avoids any risk of data leaks (intentional or otherwise)

Staff can only access the data you want them to have

Simplified management of all your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)

Effective deployment of preconfigured mobile devices

Device recording

Locate devices on a map

View all your company’s mobile devices

 Remotely configure and update your devices (OS, policies)

Lock or wipe lost or stolen devices

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