Towards a world of innovation

In order to support its customers and partners in their innovation efforts within a co-creation mode, Telindus is rolling out a platform dedicated to 5G-based innovation projects. Organizations wishing to implement such projects can connect with Telindus teams to explore the potential for implementation via the dedicated portal.

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The advent of the fifth generation of mobile networks opens the door to a multitude of innovations and scenarios that were hitherto only partially possible. Many fields of application have already been pinpointed and many more are still to be explored.

With a speed up to 10 times faster than 4G, significantly lower latency and a density of interconnected objects of up to 1 million per square kilometre, 5G is a revolutionary mobile radio technology that will enable the rise of new wireless transmission usage models.

5G is also a modular technology, adaptable to each specific use thanks to the slicing network. This feature literally allows the virtual network splitting and assigns specific characteristics, such as customised security levels and priority, to each 'slice'.

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