Application services

Application management services to optimize your worktime

Managed services

Do you want to delegate the routine administration of your applications and tools to a trustworthy IT partner?  Someone capable of guaranteeing the management of operations, as well as the deployment of applications within your technological environment?

Capitalise on the experience and professionalism of our application management services and their infrastructure within an organised governance. Our processes are implemented in tools that offer efficiency and automation of operations to ensure control, security and compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) defined in a servie catalogue.

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Centralised management

The Application Management offer focuses on business application management-related operations, middleware, databases and tools.


The management of your applications in your test and production environments is described formally in a Service Delivery Guide (SDG) and includes in particular interfaces between all the stakeholders and Telindus for all the processes.

Be responsive

The of application services offer is versatile. It offers not only considerable flexibility in process management, but also in your technological environment. You benefit from the expertise of our certified engineers.

Control your projects and costs

This offer is managed by the Telindus framework Service Delivery and guarantees centralised management, with consolidated reporting and customised monitoring.  You can secure your budget using a price model that meets your needs.


Project management and Quality Management

Service and infrastructure architecture

Manage hosted environments and applications in the infrastructure

Integration within infrastructure

Third-party management

Gestion des changements et des releases des applications

Supervise and support applications process with management : Service Request, Event, Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Capacity

Continual Service Improvement and added value for customers

Vulnerability / Patch management for the management and implementation of measures and the deployment of correction in accordance with urgency and needs

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