Managed Security Services

At the Vatican, Gustavo heads up security. In Luxembourg, we do.


Manage your security whatever the hosting model of your infrastructure

Cyber risk is a major concern. One of the first bulwarks against cyber attacks is the implementation and management of defence infrastructures. To protect against internal and external attacks, it is essential to manage security solutions on a daily basis. Only flawless management ensures security. The scope to be covered is very broad and requires daily attention with a high level of expertise for more complex infrastructures. From simple hardware maintenance to complete outsourcing services, Telindus has a wide range of services allowing companies to rely on a major security player in Luxembourg.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits


Reduce your risk by relying on teams of certified experts to manage your security infrastructure

Peace of mind

Free your mind from daily and recurring activities in a field other than your business


Improve your security by benefiting from cutting-edge solutions

Compliance guarantee

Outsourcing the management of your security infrastructure guarantees that your equipment is compliant, especially in relation to new vulnerabilities. Vendors regularly issue new versions or security patches to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in their equipment. Telindus analyses the relevance of threats to your own information system in order to inform you, advise you and, if necessary, carry out the required updates

Time saving

From the definition of security requirements to the production of the expected functionality, the time to implement new requirements is usually long and can be complex. Telindus allows you to benefit from a much faster ''time to market'' thanks to a multitude of hosted security services. Our shared approach brings you productivity gains and an attractive ROI

24/7 services

When you trust your infrastructure and security services to Telindus, certified experts work on your information system. More than 80 security specialists are dedicated to providing 24/7 services. Our experts are aware of new trends and attack techniques, which ensures better risk control


Firewall services

Mail Relay services

Web Proxy services

DNS services

Network Access Control services

Web Application Firewall services

Remote access services

Multifactor Authentication / Single Sign On services

Antivirus / EDR services

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