Let's IP together

The new telephony is now!


By the end of 2024, the legacy telephone network will disappear and voice communications will only be carried across digital IP networks (a connection protocol that manages data transmission over the Internet) throughout the country.

This technological change is inevitable, but alternatives exist! If your fixed telecommunications services are supported by the incumbent operator, this may be a good time to check out other alternatives for your telephony as well as for your other telecom services. Given the convergence of fixed and mobile services in today’s world, your company has access to the best communication solutions out there. With Telindus, a reference player for more than 40 years, the migration towards tomorrow's telephony is already underway. Start reaping the advantages of innovation and convergence for your organization now!

  • Advantages
  • Benefits


Simplification of telecommunications networks (voice and data transmission, interconnection, etc.) towards scalable and robust infrastructures


Evolution towards increasingly digital uses allowing fixed-mobile convergence, the deployment of collaborative tools and softphones, professional platforms for managing access and consumption, etc. 


Gradual support in this transition to Voice over IP thanks to a broad catalog of products and experts at your disposal


one-stop-shop access to all the solutions offered by this new technology


Stay connected and work efficiently wherever you are


A better experience thanks to top-tier technology 

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