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Business telephony

With Telindus U-call, optimize the management of your telephone infrastructure and offer your employees a professional solution. This cloud-hosted telephony solution allows you to benefit from centralized communications. U-call gives you access to all the conventional fixed-line telephony options, but also to the latest unified communications features (fixed-mobile convergence, call forwarding, online group pick-up, call management, etc.). A complete solution, easy to manage and fully compatible with our Explore connectivity solution.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits

Simplified management

A ready-to-use solution with simple, quick and maintenance-free installation that allows you to focus your time on your business. User-friendly, the configuration of the control unit is easy to operate thanks to its intuitive management interface.

Scalable solution

Enjoy a scalable and easily customizable solution for your company's needs. U-call offers a catalogue with a wide range of accessories.

Combine security and stability

A secure solution based on a market-leading telephone server hosted in our datacenters in Luxembourg. In order to ensure a higher stability and availability of the service, the servers are duplicated on two different sites.

Optimize your investments

With U-call, reduce your investment costs and benefit from a single, integrated telephony solution. No management fees to be expected, our engineers take care of maintenance and updates. A web interface is also available, allowing you to configure and manage your users.


Mobility thanks to our convergent architecture

Web interface for user configuration and management

No simultaneous call limitations

A single provider for the installation and troubleshooting of your telephony and connectivity solution

Solution hosted in our datacenters in a redundant way

Wide range of accessories (telephones, converter, Dect, headset,) available in the U-Call catalogue

Control of communication costs

Guaranteed service quality at voice level

Scalable solution

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