On account of its history, Telindus is at the heart of the challenges faced by companies on the connectivity and network front. Our connectivity services feature the speed of fibre optics and give you access to a plethora of related solutions such as U-touch, U-flex…

Our solutions Connectivity

In order to support its customers and partners in their innovation efforts within a co-creation mode, Telindus is rolling out a platform dedicated to 5G-based innovation projects.

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Telindus Explore is a single, multi-service connection that adapts to your communication needs. An Explore line connects your company simultaneously to the Internet, the telephone network and the Telindus cloud services while guaranteeing priority for critical data flows.

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Internet access

The Telindus Dedicated Internet service meets the most stringent internet connection criteria. Its multiple fibre-optic bandwidths enable you to surf, download documents, access the services of partners or publish information at the speed of light.

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Let's IP together

By the end of 2024, the legacy telephone network will disappear and voice communications will only be carried across digital IP networks (a connection protocol that manages data transmission over the Internet) throughout the country.

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