Professional services

Our professional services to manage your infrastructure

Managed services

Benefit from the know-how and expertise of hundreds of engineers and consultants certified in our various areas of expertise. We support the transformation of your company through our professional services ranging from consultancy, to integration and support, all with a view to continuously optimise your business operations.

This comprehensive range adapts to your needs, irrespective of the size of your company and sector (financial, industry, state): smartsourcing, service agreements, routine administration, etc.

Looking for a partner to help you manage your project? We can take full charge of your IT department.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits

Routine support

Our consultants use their know-how to support you at each stage, whether with temporary help for an ad hoc project or the hiring of one or more permanent employees.c

Expert assistance

You can obtain external, objective advice and recommendations from our dedicated team at all times.

Control costs

Thanks to the service agreement, labour for ad hoc and emergency interventions, but also the tasks necessary for dealing with incidents and/or the development of infrastructure, is covered by a flat monthly rate. 

Benefit from concrete assistance

Smartsourcing provides high-skilled experts on site for a specific period. For its part, the routine administration helps you monitor your IT infrastructure.


Simplified administrative management (one single renewable order form)

Priority statuses (customer identification)

Access to Telindus expertise (choice of profile adapted to each intervention)

Access to rebates according to the amount provisioned or the frequency of routine administration

Monthly statement for better management

Dedicated contact throughout the term of the contract who is proficient in your environment

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