Digital Trust Solutions

Telindus developed innovative Digital Solutions for the financial and other industries that enhance competitiveness through Improved Client Satisfaction and Optimized Productivity.

Our Digital Trust Solutions
Digital Client Management

A suite of modules, encompassing Digital-ID, eSignatures, chatbots, etc., that enable the easy and efficient phygital client management that drives client satisfaction.

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DigitalKYC is a unique, fully automated modular platform allowing the onboarding and re-onboarding of individuals, legal entities, and beneficial owners. It includes the collection of KYC data, verification of a customer’s identity, anti-money laundering (AML) check, enhanced due diligence, and obtaining a legally binding electronic signature.

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Mobile Intelligence

Being the center-piece of client-interaction, Mobile Intelligence secures and integrates smart phones into a seamless client experience.

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Based on best-in-class blockchain technology, we optimize processes as well as trusted collaboration within and across organizations.

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Telindus has developed a flexible fast lane built as a Managed Service to enable any kind of organisation to use Robotic Process Automation, move towards Hyper Automation and all its induced benefits, taking into account possible concerns of Governance, Risk, Compliance, Finance, Security.

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