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Arnaud Pierrot

Their challenges

Develop an irreproachable service quality for a dual clientele: the end customers and Auchan staff

We provided them

Dealing with the technical obsolescence of networks and setting up new network solutions to open the way to more digital and mobility

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    Our specialised and certified teams take every detail of your request into account, providing you and your product with unbeatable support.

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    We are working constantly on creating new, ever more innovative solutions to provide you with the best that technology can offer.

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    Our professionalism depends on your activity. We make it a point of honour to provide you with reliable and secure services perfectly matching your needs.


    Irrespective of the size of your company, its location, and scope of your ambitions, we will support you with the same diligence and commitment

Why Telindus ?

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Special "Multi-cloud" feature: It is an undisputed fact that the cloud has deeply modified the functioning of companies, bringing them agility and flexibility, but also transparency and cost control in a globalized market in the midst of digital change. Whether it is private - unique to one organization - or public - shared by many customers - the cloud is becoming hybrid in order to offer companies the best of both worlds. And now it is becoming multiple!

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