Mobile Voice Recording

Recording phone conversations ! 


The Cross Border Voice and Messaging Recording solution that helps organizations to comply with the requirements of the MiFID II regulation impacting all Financial Sector Professionals.

Telindus Mobile Voice Recording solution enables your organization to record calls and SMS in Luxembourg and when traveling abroad. The solution is fully secure, allowing four eyes access, dedicated encryption key per customer, and storing data in our Luxembourg Cloud or in your own infrastructure. The service can be extended to record fixed telephony (such as Cisco or Skype for Business technologies, Chat messaging, Video conferencing, Screen sharing).

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All calls are recorded: the registration service confirms the process before the call is transmitted. Depending on the permissions given, you can also paste tags to a call or export a copy of a record.


Each client has a unique encryption key and a dedicated service platform.


The solution comes in a Cloud, hybrid or On Premise concept. The MVR service can be extended to other media (fixed line, chat application ... or other unified collaboration tools), offering the ability to trace a multi-channel transaction in a simple and effective way.


A highly secure concept

Access to the data is via a VPN connection or a Telindus Explore connectivity link. User authentication is done in a traditional or advanced manner ("four eyes" method), in order to satisfy your business processes in accordance with your compliance policies.
The data are hosted in our data centers in Luxembourg. It is also possible to define an external archiving destination, thus enabling customers to store the data in their premises.


Compliance Recording already proven

The Telindus Mobile Voice Recording service is based on a proven record-keeping solution for recording fixed-line telephony (Cisco or Skype for Business) as well as unified communications applications. Our platform also has a programming interface (API) to allow you to develop a specific integration with your business applications.


The mobile call is established on condition that the recording service is operational, to ensure the recording from the beginning

Unique encryption key per client

Possibility to store the data On Premise

Possibility of extending the recording solution to telephony solutions:  Cisco, Skype for Business, videoconferencing, unified collaboration, dealing room (IPC, IP Trade)

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