Efficient and easily customisable, the various solutions offered by Telindus enable your employees to benefit from a mobile offer matching their real needs, in accordance with those of your company. Backed by the experience of Proximus and Tango, Telindus has developed a range of very innovative professional mobile products. Our partnership with Vodafone also offers you extensive possibilities for your international needs.  Whether an SME or large company, whatever your communication needs, we have a matching offer for you.  We offer a “pay-as-you-use” rate, a fixed mobile flat-rate or a rate adapted each month to your usage. Thanks to these options, you are guaranteed a 100% customised solution.

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Mobile options

With Tango, Telindus provides packages for abroad or for roaming that adapt exactly to your needs.  Choose the volume you need from among the various monthly packs at very attractive rates, or opt for daily packs for greater flexibility. 

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Mobile flat rates

Whether often in the office or on the road, all your employees use their mobile phones differently. With our various mobile flat-rate packages, everyone can choose a rate suiting his needs, so you do not have to pay for unused minutes.

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Back to Work

It's the return of good deals at Telindus!
Get 50% discount on your telecom bill for 6 months by opting for a SMART, TALC or S2S offer.

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Enterprise Mobile Management

At Telindus it’s EMM solutions (Enterprise Mobile Management) that provides the central point for integrated management and regulation of company mobiles.

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Mobile Voice Recording

We have created Telindus Mobile Voice Recording (MVR), a mobile voice recording and SMS service for your employees in Luxembourg, or traveling abroad.

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Devices Enrollment

Have a turnkey option to configure your mobile devices before they are deployed within the company. With Telindus' new "Devices Enrollement" program you can define the security, administration and configuration settings for mobile devices in advance, i.e. before they are put into service. 

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