Sovereign Cloud

Opt for a 100% Luxembourgish hosting solution


The Telindus Sovereign Cloud allows you to know at any time where your data is physically located and to have the guarantee that it does not leave Luxembourg. By offering you cloud-native solutions on our sovereign cloud, you get the best of both worlds: the private cloud and the public cloud.

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Designed for Luxembourg

Telindus Sovereign cloud ensures the data is controlled and maintained within the border of Luxembourg; ensures the data is compliant with EU and Luxembourg specific data protection regulations including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or The Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF) Circular; data centres are located in Luxembourg and are subject to strict physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access, theft, or damage to hardware.

Sovereign Controls

Data stored in the Telindus sovereign cloud is encrypted, which helps to protect it from unauthorized access; Telindus performs regular audits to the security policy implementation and the access authorisation; provides robust recovery plans in the event of lost or disaster.

Managed Services

Telindus provides 24/7 flawless management services with high-standard expertise and daily attention to free you from the complex infrastructures, compliance regulations and operation procedures

Security at ease

Telindus Sovereign Cloud offers extensive security functionalities that are designed and proposed to satisfy your security requirements just at the right level.

Control with transparency

Telindus Sovereign Cloud offers transparent access monitoring and control with regular audits to enable the compliance with different regulations.

Scale with tailored solutions

Telindus Sovereign Cloud offers tailored cloud adoption services and managed services to provide the most suitable solutions adapted to your needs and improve efficiency, accuracy, and security.


Luxembourg-based staff

Facilitate EU and Luxembourg compliancy

Data encryption

Access audit, monitor and control

Disaster recovery

Tailored solutions

Managed services

Lower latency

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