Protection, Detection and Orchestration

The response strategy to reduce the exposure of your business to security risks


The response to an incident is an important step when it comes to managing cybersecurity incidents. Corporations must incorporate all possible incidents impacting all activities, despite the efforts they will have made upstream. Today, it is no longer enough for corporations, to rely solely on traditional security elements. The threats based on social engineering are usually the first step in a major attack and they constitute the majority of access vectors that are able to bypass elementary defense systems. The implementation of systems for behavioral analysis and information aggregation of different equipment is now the right response strategy in order to reduce your business' exposure to security risks. The key to success lies in reducing the time between the initial compromise and the detection, reaction and remediation.

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Improved detection and protection

Classic anti-viruses rely to a great extent on signatures. By implementing new SOAR solutions (Security Orchestration & Automated Response), you are creating more sophisticated protection for your equipment (servers and work stations). The systems of behavioral analysis of these new solutions provide more extensive protection.

Correlation of information

One of the most important criteria in successfully responding to an incident is understanding the cyberattack chain so as to rapidly identify the patient ''0'' and be able to implement the right measures and the correct response strategy to the incident. The reporting of information from different internal and external components and their correlation on the same platform result in a significant amount of time being saved, thereby leaving more time to focus on mitigation and remediation

Automatic response

The most impactful benefit of this service is the ability to implement an automated incident response. Based on the alerts reported by the solution and the correlation of information, relevant actions can be automated in order to confine the threats or eliminate them. This component called Playbook constitutes a major advance in your ability to respond to an incident in order to protect your business.

Correlation at the heart of the SOAR approach

One of the main difficulties when it comes to securing environments is managing the various sources of internal and external information. Yet, this correlation is a key element in a pragmatic approach to cybersecurity. SOAR (Security Orchestration & Automated Response) platforms are able to aggregate different sources of data in order to provide all the information that is important for engineers in dealing with alerts. Such sources of information include those from external entities. They allow you to continuously monitor specific patterns that identify malicious entities when correlated with the information from your infrastructure. Our CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) team is at the center when it comes to looking for compromise indicators for managing the threat update.

An automated cross-technological response

The creation of an automatic response is based on Playbooks [A1] that are able to execute commands on different components and technologies. The protection of work stations and servers can realized uniformly on a heterogeneous park. In addition, as part of the continuous updating of compromise indicators, the service allows you to extend the protection of the various elements of your security equipment.  For example, a new compromise indicator detected on a workstation can thus automatically enrich the protection of firewalls.



Automation of the response to an incident

Continuous improvement of the rules and Playbooks

SOC Services

CERT / CSIRT Services

Threat Intelligence

Management of security incidents

For infrastructure that is on-site or in the public cloud

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