Mobile flat rates

Whether often in the office or on the road, all your employees use their mobile phones differently.

With our various mobile flat-rate packages, everyone can choose a rate suiting his needs, so you do not have to pay for unused minutes.

Our solutions Mobile Flat Rates

Difficult to exactly plan the volumes of calls needed for each of your employees? In this case, you can opt for an individual pack or one of our pooling packs.

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Pricing plan

Some of your employees make very few calls but need to be reachable, so you do not want to take out a mobile flat-rate package. In such cases, opt for a “Pay As You Use” solution, without a flat-rate and without commitment.  You pay only for the use that your employees really make.  

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The all-in subscription for Luxembourg, roaming and USA included!

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Telindus à la Carte (TALC)

TALC is a solution tailored to individual needs. Its static mode offers a wide range of volumes while Flex mode suits better consumptions that vary from month to month.

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