Digital Collaboration

Time to work together!


In the context of the pandemic, which is affecting almost the entire world, companies and organizations are trying to ensure the continuity of their activities. A digital work environment that helps employees to work from home can make a big difference. Working from home is a gaining momentum. What is the best way to support your employees to co-operate as efficiently as possible?


Never miss a call

Employees who work from home can also receive their professional calls on their smartphone. This way, your customers, suppliers... can always reach your company with the same known numbers.


Remote meeting

Audiovisual conferencing solutions make it easy for your employees to co-operate and to share documents online.

Read about the possible solutions


espace de travail

Create a digital environment

With the appropriate digital tools and customized business processes, you can truly collaborate digitally. Just by using the standard Office365 package, many organizations are already taking a big step forward.

Discover the basic tools



Co-operation can work anywhere

With new technologies delivered by Telindus, your employees can turn their living room into a convenient digital workspace where they can work together on documents, chat, have online meetings and phone calls...


Make your data available

The cloud allows you to access your documents and business data from anywhere. Do you know the difference between the public, private or hybrid cloud?

Discover the differences and the benefits



Ensure the security of your data under all circumstances

Test your level of exposure and security, monitor and control your remote access by relying on our Cybersecurity services.


Continue to train with e-learning

During the confinement period, most of the training courses run by the Telindus Training Institute are held remotely.

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