Cloud Adoption & Transition Services

Telindus provides advisory and implementation services, accompanying companies to hit major milestones before migrating any applications or workloads to the cloud, and to adopt the cloud environment more efficiently after the migration. 

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Adopting the cloud with Telindus

A migration to the public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid model is a lengthy and complex task that, without meticulous preparation, can be more challenging than organizations would want it to be.

Being the main character in the cloud computing industry in Luxembourg, and PSF approved, Telindus’ cloud service excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions has been recognised by its partners including Microsoft and Google Cloud.

Key Benefits

Future-proof architecture

The design of your cloud infrastructure takes into consideration of your future growth.

Secured Adoption

Assess, design and adopt an infrastructure that is secured, thanks to Telindus’ cybersecurity expertise.

Zero-delay production

Applications, workloads and data are not neglected in the cloud adoption journey, so that all is set when the infrastructure is ready.

Consolidated Governance

Project management throughout the entire project with expert support.

Optimized Cost

Transparent and strategized budgeting and cost allocation monitor that optimize your cloud spending and deployment.

Telindus Cloud Adoption & Transition Services
Cloud strategy
Cloud Strategy Definition Service

Workshops to help define and document a cloud strategy that is then used to help define the company’s cloud adoption  roadmap, and actions to take with different workloads.

Cloud regulatory
Cloud Regulatory Consultancy Service

A set of advisory and consultancy services ensuring organisations’ cloud adoption activities meet regulatory needs  set out in CSSF and CAA circular.

Cloud assessment
Cloud Assessment Services

Assessments conducted by experts and specialists that evaluate the companies’ application dependencies, application rationalization and data governance to move to the cloud.

Cloud enablement
Cloud Enablement Services

A set of services to help companies with defining the frameworks and migration roadmaps and implementing the prerequisites before the transition phase, to ensure a smooth and governed migration .

Cloud transition services
Cloud Transition Services

A set of development services that help companies achieve the migration planning, including platform migration, application migration and modernization, as well as data migration and governance.

Our advisory, assessment and development services for every phases of cloud adoption


A cloud strategy built with cloud experts

The Telindus cloud strategy service helps to define the target vision for the transformation in order to set a clear goal for the teams involved in the journey. Telindus business consultants and technology experts help you set milestones and strategize the cloud adoption according to your company’s strategy and market best practices

What are the special steps and cautions to take if you are a company located in Luxembourg?

Telindus reveals the key milestones in its whitepaper.


Make sure your cloud adoption is compliant

The Telindus cloud regulatory services provide consultancy and advisory activities and documentation, assisting organizations that want to adopt the cloud to conduct required regulatory assessments and filings. Telindus also provides additional dedicated sessions or deep dive missions to work on specific deliverables that may be required to achieve regulatory compliancy.

The CSSF published Circular CSSF 22/806 on outsourcing arrangements (“Circular 22/806”).


Know your digital estate before migration

In order to ensure migration planners to make informed decisions, helping minimize risk while ensuring service level agreements are maintained after cloud migration, Telindus provides cloud assessment services that include assessments for the IT infrastructure, organisational readiness, application rationalization, and data maturity.

A digital estate is an abstract reflecting a organization’s tangible owned assets, including virtual machines (VMs), servers, applications, data, and so on.


Plan and prepare the landing zone and migration roadmap reasonably

Telindus provides cloud enablement services that accompany the customer to develop or modernise their infrastructure, applications and data governance to ensure the scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, so that the organizations can meet changing customer demands, partner scopes and product innovation needs once adopted the cloud environment.

In the era of cloud, how does a company take advantage of their transition to cloud to modernize their application landscape and improve their tooling in order to bring the latest innovations to their employees and customers?

Managed Services

Benefit from the cloud managed services

Benefit from the know-how and expertise of hundreds of engineers and consultants certified in our various areas of expertise. Telindus supports the transformation of your company through our professional services ranging from consultancy, to integration and support, all with a view to continuously optimise your business operations.

The choice of a partner is a strategic choice and should not be underestimated. So, what are the elements that define a good managed cloud service provider? Checkout our take on the three elements you should be looking at.


Codit joins force with Telindus in the Cloud Adoption & Transition Services

Codit Luxembourg drives Digital Transformation through Cloudification & Data Insights hand in hand with Telindus

Proximus Luxembourg is proud to provide data-driven solutions and integration services to boost your digital transformation through the brand Codit.

From the creation of data platforms that aid the development of smart cities, to solutions that push forward the production of renewable energy, Codit has been helping its customers to realize their ideals and to strive for a better, more future-orientated world for over twenty years.

Codit is a Microsoft Solutions Partner in two categories:

  • Digital & App Innovation: Codit successfully helps customers to modernize existing applications and build cloud-native apps.

  • Data & AI: Codit has the capability to help customers manage and govern their data across multiple systems, and to build analytics and AI solutions.

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