Secure your most valuable information and get the peace of mind you need to develop your business. Telindus is committed to a global approach to advise and guide you in implementing your digital transformation strategy and security policy for the most critical information systems through a complete range of services and cyber security solutions.

Our Cybersecurity solutions
Protection, Detection and Orchestration

La stratégie de réponse pour diminuer l’exposition de votre business aux risques de sécurité

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Security Operations Center

Cyber threats are everywhere, it is just matter of time before being targeted by a cyber-attack. Our Cyber Security & Intelligence Operations Center proposes advanced detection capabilities to anticipate, detect and react as fast as possible.

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Ethical Hacking

Test the security of your technical and organisation chain through repeated technical audits, also referred to as ethical hacking. These are missions carried out by highly qualified and certified experts, applying recognised methodologies to a wide range of systems, business functions and applications, where the security or level of exposure to risk has to be assessed.

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Managed Security Services

To protect against internal and external attacks, it is essential to manage security solutions on a daily basis. Only flawless management ensures security. The scope to be covered is very broad and requires daily attention with a high level of expertise for more complex infrastructures.

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Infrastructure Security

Telindus guarantees an end-to-end project cycle for the optimal security of your infrastructure and facilities. Our cross-functional capacity to handle the integration, audit, design and supervision of your security infrastructures will leave you free to focus on your business priorities.

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Furthermore, the shift to the cloud and acceleration of teleworking, has highlighted the need for organization to ensure protection for a variety of resources accessing the corporate network, resources that represent new opportunities for threat actors. Digital Forensics and Incident Response has become a central capability within the organization’s security strategy.

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