Telephony equipment

Fixed telephony: best communication solution in business

Business telephony

Even today, fixed telephony is one of the most important tools of your staff’s work environment. Moreover, your telephone set-up is like a showcase, projecting an image of your company in the minds of your customers – an undeletable “first impression”.

Improve employee reachability and customer relations with a cloud telephony solution. This provides a virtual telephone exchange with extensive features. Also discover our telephony offers compatible with your equipment, including all fixed telephony flat-rates.

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Latest technology

Benefit from a wide variety, high- quality IP telephones meeting the latest technological standards, for seamless integration into your corporate IP network. The Telindus solution is built on Cisco, the leading technology on the market, and No. 1 in the"Gartner Magic Quadrant". 


Flexible and scalable, the Telindus solution easily adapts to the growth of your company, fully meeting your needs at all times.

Dedicated support

Our experts provide support to help you learn about these new technologies. Introductory courses on corporate telephony are provided to familiarise you with the services and functionalities available.

Improve your customer relations

The wealth of hardware and software solutions enables you to provide on-hold features, customised on-hold music, a directory unified with your business applications, and many more features.

Be responsive and independent

With IP telephony you can easily manage routine requests such as hardware relocation or mobility within the company.


Cisco-compatible telephones using standard technology protocols

Great variety of products: black and white screen, colours, extension module, wall mounting kit, etc.

IP analogue converters with different capacities:  2, 4 or 24 analogue ports

Advanced equipment for the integration of external systems (telephone exchange, Digital Enhanced Cordless telecommunications -DECT-, fax server, Lync solution, or Skype for Business…)

Different hardware financing possibilities:  purchase, lease, possibility to re-use existing hardware if compatible

Simple definition of user profiles so as to pay only the features needed

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