Business Telephony

Telindus has developed a real expertise in telephony and provides the best VoIP solutions, call management offers and even the integration of telephony in your applications, via modern pricing models. For you, this means unbeatable service for your customers.

Our solutions Business Telephony
Fixed telephony

Fixed telephony is still alive and kicking!  Contacts with your partners and employees remain at the heart of your concerns, requiring a direct  communication channel to maintain human relations.

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Fixed-Mobile convergence

Fixed- mobile convergence (FMC) is the major challenge of the years to come. More and more collaboration tools are being used in companies. When you are travelling, your means of communication are far too often limited to the simplest channels.

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SIP Trunk

Fixed telephony is facing radical transformation as more and more calls in the world are being carried over IP networks. Voice over IP (or VoIP) is therefore becoming the most common way for businesses to manage fixed telephony as an application on the IP network, just like email. 

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Telephony equipment

Even today, fixed telephony is one of the most important tools of your staff’s work environment. Moreover, your telephone set-up is like a showcase, projecting an image of your company in the minds of your customers – an undeletable “first impression”.

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Take care of your reception by choosing a switchboard. With Telindus U-call, offer your customers a professional reception. This cloud-hosted telephony solution allows you to benefit from centralized communications and simplified management of your telephone infrastructure. 

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