Mobile Threat Defense

Manage and secure your mobile fleet!


MTD solutions (Mobiles Threat Defense) are essential to the security of a company’s mobile devices. They’re powerful, simple and reliable, usually consisting of a software agent that runs in the background on the device without compromising its functionality. Most often, MTD solutions use cloud technology and are managed at a dashboard enabling the IT Manager to monitor the state of all the firm’s mobile devices in depth at any time (device scan, app scan, and Wi-Fi network analysis). But they can also be hosted on premises. According to Gartner’s Guide to MTD Solutions, by 2019 a third of the total number of malware programs identified by standard tests will be targeting mobile devices – many more than the 7.5% of such programs today. And 30% of businesses will have installed a MTD solution by 2020, compared with fewer than 10% this year.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits


Protect yourself from identified or unknown threats related to the daily use of your smartphone 


Be informed in real time of malicious or suspicious attacks related to the use of your smartphone (email, applications, malware, Wi-Fi networks...)in real time


Enable your employees with smartphones to enjoy effective protection with an intuitive user experience

Peace of mind

Benefit from an offer resulting from our partnership with leading companies, recognized in the field of security

High catch rate

Solution that ensures the highest threat capture rate on the market

Total visibility of threats

A cloud-based dashboard provides you with real-time threat information and visibility into the type of threats that can affect your business


Zero-day malware blocking

Phishing detection on all installed applications

Scanning devices that can send data to malicious networks

Lists infected devices and limits/prohibits access to corporate applications

Possible integration with MDM software

Experts available 24/7

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