Digital Finance Solutions: digital KYC and Smartchain

Telindus developed a number of innovative digital solutions for the financial services industry aimed at solving today's pain points in the sector. These solution include digital KYC onboarding, smart reconciliation of funds and transactions, PSD2 histong and big data analytics. Telindus is strategically positioned to help companies source and standardize the data they need for the various reporting challenges in this new area of increased regulatory requirements.

  • DigitalKYC

    DigitalKYC is a trusted Digital Customer Onboarding platform, comprising a suite of solutions that enables companies to onboard and re-onboard individuals, legal entities, and beneficial owners. The offered features include, but are not limited to, the collection of KYC data, verification of a customer’s identity, AML check, due diligence, and qualified e-signatures. This cutting-edge service is accessible via any device, enabled by an omni-channel approach.

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  • SmartChain

    SmartChain is an innovative reconciliation platform designed on a permissioned Blockchain, with the aim of solving most of tody's headaches experienced when reconciling funds, transactions , cash and securities settlement. It equally empowers customers to identify, qualify, and resolve breaks in a fast and automated way, removing frictions between the parties involved.

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  • Mobile Authentication & Data Intelligence

    Compliance processes are often driven by existing systems and the current regulatory landscape makes user integration and monitoring both cumbersome and costly. Telindus Mobile Authentication & Data Intelligence allows companies to facilitate these key compliance tasks by adding a technology layer, reducing customer acquisition time and increasing protection for mobile customer accounts.

    This service can be easily integrated with any digital platform and provides end users with a seamless customer experience, improving customer retention and generating additional revenue.

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