DigitalKYC is a unique, fully automated modular platform allowing the onboarding and re-onboarding of individuals, legal entities, and beneficial owners. It includes the collection of KYC data, verification of a customer’s identity, anti-money laundering (AML) check, enhanced due diligence, and obtaining a legally binding electronic signature.


''DigitalKYC'' solutions
Adress - Email verification

Consistency checks and matching to authenticate addresses

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Client - Counterpart Risk Scoring

Modular & risk weighted scoring for a Risk-Based Approach

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Compliance Management Portal

Efficient & Collaborative management of the whole compliance process.

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Corporate Data Collection

Automated collection of Digital Data-Sets & Documents based on which information is presented in a structured manner

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ID Document verification

ID Document Capture, analysis & verification

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Know Your Transactions

Detect Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Finance and other suspicious actions in order to produce SARs/STRs

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