Robotic Process Automation

Digital Trust Solutions

Telindus has developed a flexible fast lane built as a Managed Service to enable any kind of organisation to use Robotic Process Automation, move towards Hyper Automation and all its induced benefits, taking into account possible concerns of Governance, Risk, Compliance, Finance, Security.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits

Flexibility running 24/7

RPA installation is consistent, scalable and flexible. A robust automation entity is always instantly ready to process

Result = Always in line with expectation

RPA process delivers consistent outcomes as specified

Quality Time creation

The staff previously monopolized may advantageously re-focus on new duties that behold a greater added value to business and customers

Predictable Pricing

No complex/hidden licensing or per-bot fees. Just a transparent monthly fee based on consumption

Speed and Quick Impact

With Telindus everything is ready: the entire required platform, the tools and the expertise to ensure a smooth, agile fast realisation of a Customer's RPA endeavour

Digitized & tailor made

Scalable and reliable by design, as automated recovery mechanisms enforce the uptime of the robots. Any additional robots might be deployed quickly with minimal costs, according to work flux and peak requirements.

Improved accuracy

RPA is driven by rules and it applies those rules constantly. The processes performed through RPA are always correct and consistent

Traceability and Controlled Compliance

RPA robots work is reliable error-free and is constantly monitored logged and can be audited in accordance with existing local Rules and Regulation standards


Telindus proposes its typical RPA journey starting with creation of an MVP, then proceeding to a production grade implementation for further rollout

Telindus provides an agile service model: On-Premises, Hosting DC’s or Hybrid solution design

Eligible candidates of RPA are: Desktop & Web automation, Business Applications (automatic report generation, data reconciliation) & email work flows, etc...

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