Daily packs

Mobile phone plans: more flexibility for better mobility

Mobile options

To supplement the package chosen, you can add daily roaming packs for your employees occasionally travelling outside Europe. This gives them a pool of units that they can use according to their needs (voice and/or data).

These packs will enable you to control your budget, while your employees will be reachable wherever they are travelling.

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Independent packs to TOP/Rest of the world 1 region


The packs can be used to and from the countries of the chosen zone


Each pack is composed of units that can be used with SMS/voice units and/or in MB, depending on individual needs.  These packs are activated only on days when your employees are under roaming. You only pay when these packs are used

Opt for international

Choose a pack of 50 units per month from the TOP/Rest of the world 1 region. All calls from the TOP/Rest of the World 1 Region are included in these packs


Incoming/outgoing calls, SMS and data included

1 unit = 1 minute of communication = 1 SMS = 1MB

International and roaming calls included

Daily package taken out for 6 months

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