A cloud application for all your communication!


Technology evolves and competition is everywhere: give your staff the resources to establish relations that promote innovation and lead to a better customer experience.

With Telindus U-touch, all your communication tools are managed in the cloud, on one and the same high-performance, secure platform: IP telephony, fixed-mobile convergence, videoconferencing, collaboration and instant messaging.

Flexibility, user comfort, access to the most recent technologies, simple and transparent cost management: free yourself from current constraints to respond to new market demands in a relevant way and to ensure the sustainability of your business. Switch to unified communications with U-touch!

  • Advantages
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Manage your calls and seize all the business opportunities that arise thanks to a solution reserved for professionals at a competitive price (per user and per month)!


Improve the efficiency of your communications and optimise the cohesion of your teams through video! Enhance the efficacy of your teams by giving them the most suitable means of communication for their task.


Stay connected with your contacts everywhere, through all means and at all times, thanks to the fixed-mobile convergence. Our open-end solution addresses your real needs with precision – so you can concentrate on your core activity and innovate.

Boost productivity

Release your IT team from infrastructure management constraints by entrusting its development and control to the technological expertise of Telindus, so you can concentrate fully on your activity. The migration to U-touch is carried out smoothly and as promptly as possible to guarantee a quality, rapidly operational service. Finally, U-touch is modular and adapts to your real needs:  you save time and increase efficiency!

Everything is under control

U-touch is a “pay-as-you-grow” solution, with a monthly “all-in-one” subscription per user. The costs are therefore foreseen in advance and are adapted to your activity. Our solution is open-ended and enables you to add services, users, or other sites (sales/production) rapidly and easily. U-touch is naturally hosted in our data centres in Luxembourg, with redundance and an integrated Disaster Recovery Plan.


Modular, professional solution at a competitive price (per user and per month)

Possibility to integrate your business and monitoring applications

Alarm system management via your telephone

Range of latest generation devices that include video and your work tools

Optimisation of work and collaboration processes (instant messaging, presence management)

Single number and voice messaging, Tango 4G mobile data network

Optimisation of the customer experience (data centres, assistance, call forwarding, etc.)

Storage and sharing possible (videos, presentations, documents, content, etc.).

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