A cloud application to share data


All companies are nowadays confronted with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) boom and the solutions that make it easier for employees to work together and exchange information. If the confidentiality and security of shared data are your priority, the U-share solution is for you.

Thanks to U-share, you can share your data and work together in full security, regardless of where you are. You thus improve efficiency and productivity, and can rest assured that your contents and work are fully secure.

U-share is an scalable, mobile and flexible sharing solution.  Simple, reliable and secure, it offers you many possibilities. In pooled, private or hybrid mode, U-share adapts to your specific needs.

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Direct and universal access

You can access, edit and share your documents, however large, at all times, from wherever you are and from any device.

Collaboration and sharing

Simplify collaboration between your employees and partners by setting up an interactive, customised work space

Data security and compliance

Telindus guarantees confidentiality and performance thanks to its private cloud. Fully hosted and managed in the Telindus Tier IV certified data centres in Luxembourg, U-share meets your company’s information governance, compliance and security requirements: access control, end-to-end data coding and protection against external threats.

Put your mind at ease

With U-share, Telindus provides a dedicated service to companies, fully managed by its experts. Enjoy the assistance of Telindus as well as real time monitoring 24/24, year round, plus maximal data availability.

Be more productive

Boost your company’s productivity by improving teamwork and the efficiency of team members. With U-share, you enable your staff to create, edit and share the contents of the company at all times, from any device and from any place they happen to be.


Accessible on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone

Integration with the company directory to provide optimal experience to the user (Single Sign-On)

Interconnection with the company’s existing systems (file server, $HOME user index, MS SharePoint, ECM)

Strengthening of mobile user authentication with the integration of an MDM solution (MobileIron)

Strong authentication by token (email)

Antivirus engine integrated in the platform

Advanced audit and reporting module

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) module to protect the information

End-to-end data coding

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