A cloud application to simplify your IT operations by switching to self-service


Are your staff complaining about IT tools or the processing of their requests is slow in the company? Has your company grown and does the processing of requests require more resources and does it generate rising costs?

Telindus U-select enables you to release your IT department from operational tasks.  With this solution, you can create an application store ever so easily to meet your company’s effectiveness and productivity needs. Thanks to U-select, your employees send their requests simply via a centralised portal. The processing of these requests is improved in terms of speed, information structuring, procedure monitoring and activity reports.


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Automation, customisation

Simplify your IT operations thanks to the automation of routine tasks relating to requests from final users. Create your business application store and boost the productivity of your users by enabling them to download and control their IT resources upon request.

Security, reliability, simplicity

U-select provides a validation mechanism to check the costs of a company’s different departments. Each unit manager can decide whether to validate the initiated processes. Moreover, thanks to the single authentication, U-select manages them by guaranteeing optimal security, irrespective of the medium.

Save time

U-select is an on-line service available 24/24,7/7. Your users are free to order IT resources according to their needs without having to wait for weeks for a request to be processed. The automated, digitised process helps reduce administrative formalities and the time you spend on them.

Be flawless

Automation enables you to reduce the error margin, unlike the usual process where these operations are carried out manually and by several persons. You thus provide a faster, more reliable service online and simplify requests.


Automated individual provisioning application

Cost control validation process

Mobile device management

Ultra-secure single authentication

Ticket management service

User support

Highly secure solution hosted in Luxembourg

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