Cloud application for a vitualized workspace: new way of working


New technologies are changing the work environment radically and are opening up new prospects. Collaboration, telework, mobile work, consumerisation of IT: that is the business reality of today. U-free provides a concrete response to these stakes and offers a new work and mobility experience. A virtualised work station and access to the business applications wherever you are, from any terminal. Simplicity, effectiveness, power and peace of mind guaranteed!

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Access a virtual office and your office automation at all times by connecting through a secure portal on any device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone).  Capitalise on the advantages of teleworking thanks to a virtual office and collaborative tools. Facilitate the connection and communication between all your staff inside and outside the company.

Performance and security

Your business applications are hosted locally, in Telindus data centres. You access them remotely, with full security, through your Internet connection.

Collaboration and productivity

Centralise, store and share your e-mails, agendas, contacts and work documents with your staff.

Boost their productivity thanks to a cloud solution and secure collaborative tools (anti-spam, antivirus, backup).

Cost control and peace of mind

The U-free solution is open-ended and enables you to control and manage your costs. Add, withdraw and reuse user stations: U-free adapts to your business, not the other way around. Moreover, everything is included in a monthly subscription per employee.

Peace of mind

Your information must be instantaneous, fast and accessible. U-free requires no investment. The solution fits directly in with your existing applications. The information management services are included and Telindus can take full charge with guaranteed results.


Connection via a secure portal from any terminal

Centralisation of business data for better control

Pooled and secure hosting

Secure applications on an ultra-reliable and local platform

Pooling of hardware, software and human resources

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