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Every day, you encounter new difficulties managing the availability, stability and growing complexity of your infrastructure and IT equipment.  Are you oncerned about the changes and renewals of your infrastructure?  Does the time spent managing day-to-day operations prevent you from addressing your company’s business needs?

Release valuable resources by hosting your data/applications and by delegating the responsibility for your ICT operations to a trustworthy partner. Telindus can help you manage and complete your projects to outsource and manage your most complex infrastructures.

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ICT resources on demand

Enjoy a dynamic ICT infrastructure capable of keeping pace with your company’s fluctuations. Easily adjust the services you need and your level of commitment through a modular catalogue, and turn capital investments into operating expenses. 

Quality of service and governance

Our services are guaranteed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and supported by an effective governance model. They are compliant with the strictest regulations in Luxembourg to provide you with optimal security.

Performance and availability

Capitalise on an end-to-end solution with a guaranteed availability:  your professional data and applications are accessible from everywhere, at all times and on any device, and only in a secure manner.

Security and compliance of services

Security and compliance are guaranteed thanks to leading tools and technologies in their sector, strict procedures and advanced security services from the Telindus Cyber Security and Intelligence Operation Centre (CSIOC).  Strengthen your security system through a proactive risk management and a tried and tested governance model.

Combine performance and availability

U-flex improves the user experience through an agile information system, a guaranteed availability and quality customer service. The latter is measured and reported through key performance indicators (KPIs).

Think “profitability”

U-flex is a service that provides resources on demand. So you only pay for what you need, and have continuous control of your budget. With U-flex you can moreover access a pooled infrastructure, where the operating costs are drastically reduced thanks to the use of tried and tested robust tools and industrial processes.


Latest generation Tier-IV data centres offering the maximum availability and protection

Unrivalled data performance, protection and availability on the market

Network infrastructure and fully redundant and ultra effective 10 Gb inter-data centre layer 2 network connectivity

A multitude of choices of physical and virtual servers, dedicated or pooled

Advanced security equipment and solutions adapted to your needs

Optimal technologies and products for each solution deployed in the Telindus data centres

Engineers trained and certified on implementation technologies

Certified ISO 27001

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