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Author: Michael Renotte
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Drawing on lessons learned

The 2021 Gartner Board of Directors survey reveals that 69% of corporate directors accelerated their digital business initiatives to help deal with the ongoing disruption. The survey also shows that almost half of Board of Directors anticipate changing their organizations' business model as a result of the pandemic. As Gartner research VP Partha Iyengar points out, "technology-driven digital transformation can, and should be, a strong enabler in addressing employee, customer, supply chain and broad brand impact to position the enterprise to come out of the crisis stronger." For some businesses, it means that their digital strategies became real for the first time. For others, this entails rapidly scaling digital investments.

But more importantly, this implies that organizations must look beyond the pandemic to similar events or other global issues that will shape business in the future: slow productivity growth, weakening international relationships, economic downturns, key talent shortages, or climate change, to name a few. Just as mankind was able to retain and develop its cultural practices and achievements through the ages, people today must build on the current momentum to prepare for the future and transfer lessons learned, knowledge, and know-how to subsequent generations.

To empower organizations to overcome the large-scale disruptions that are bound to happen - and all their economic, social and human consequences - Telindus decided to write a new chapter in the travelers' guide to digital transformation: Telindus Zero Office.

The Next Chapter of Digital Transformation

Telindus Zero Office is a 360° customized and secure solution that meets all the needs of office workers in terms of communication, workplace and ICT resources while enabling them to work remotely, from home office or on the road. Zero Office comes along with a set of services designed to provide businesses with the right guidance according to their level of digital maturity and the specific needs and special features of each type of industry.

The main benefits brought by Telindus Zero Office include:

Improved communication capabilities. Telindus Zero Office allows corporates to keep in touch and ensure all their meetings with their employees, customers and partners through mobile phone and SMS solutions as well as a wide range of digital collaboration tools. The solution enables improved cooperation between teams and team members by providing them with a large variety of video conference and virtual meeting solutions, and collaboration and telecommunication tools. 

Workplace flexibility. Using laptops, tablets or smartphones, Zero Office makes it possible for businesses to move the workplace from the office to the home or any other location and keep office workers productive. The solution provides secure access to corporate data and allows employees to use their regular applications and tools, thereby ensuring mission continuity.

Secure access to ICT resources. Thanks to the cloud, Telindus Zero Office provides secure and compliant business continuity capabilities, while offering a way to monitor the organization's reliability and performance. Based on a Zero Trust approach, Zero Office secures employees’ remote connections to corporate data and applications. Under the assumption that every user, request, and server is untrusted until proven otherwise, a Zero Trust-enabled environment dynamically and continually assesses trust every time a user or device requests access to a resource. But Zero Trust offers more than a line of defense. The model also delivers considerable business value, including greater enterprise visibility, reduced IT complexity, less demanding security workloads, better user experience, and support for cloud migration.[1] 

User adoption follow-up. Telindus helps make sure that the new tools and user interfaces are properly used and understood by the employees, be it through e-learning, online tutorials or its Training Center. The user adoption follow-up program fosters the introduction of "Zero Office champions" from inside the organization to unlock the full potential of the Zero Office transformation journey. This service provides the means to create virtual community spaces where users can share their experiences and learnings, to issue adoption monitoring reports, and implement business KPIs to measure results and ensure that the adoption process is well on track.

Remote assistance. Zero Office offers multiple solutions to support and solve workplace issues (device failure or breakage, missing service, etc.) through online assistance such as chatbot interfaces, remote control of defective tools by experts from Telindus, or through the delivery of replacement devices pre-configured to customers specific needs.

Zero Office Services: for a Successful Move Tailored to Each Customer

To guarantee that all organizations can undertake their Zero Office journey at their own pace and in accordance with their state of digital readiness, Telindus has developed a whole range of accompanying services. From helping define a strategic vision in order to set a clear goal for the transformation path, to supporting corporates in their efforts to continuously improve their ICT services,

The first step that many companies

through Assessment, Enablement, Transition, and Operation services, Telindus provides expert guidance and advise at every step of the transformation journey.

Get a Digital Transformation Partner

should take to begin their digital transformation is to partner with an expert supplier who has the capability and framework to lead a digital transformation effort. This framework includes skilled professionals who can advise, support, evaluate, as well as have the processes in place to ensure that each company's unique path through the transformation can be successfully achieved.

Telindus' key capabilities encompass Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications, ICT Infrastructures, Multi-Cloud, Fintech solutions, Cybersecurity and Managed Services. But digital transformation is not just about technology. It’s also about people, values, continuous improvement and the capability to rapidly adapt when needed through an intelligent use of innovation. On that basis, Telindus is heading towards becoming a one-stop-shop, end-to-end digital solution provider, an expert partner who takes digital transformation to the next level.


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