Zero Office

It is possible to continue your daily work safely, no matter where you are and from which device you are connected. Zero Office management suite is a 360° customised and secure solution which meets all your employees' needs in terms of communication, workplace and ICT resources while working remotely.

Key benefits Zero Office

  • Ensure your communication

    Zero Office enables you to keep in touch and ensure all your meetings with your employees & customers through mobile phone & sms solutions as well as various digital collaboration tools.

  • Access to ICT resources 

    Based on the Zero Trust concept, Zero Office secures employees' remote connections to corporate data and applications. Once logged in, the users will only have access to the data, tools and applications that are essential to the successful completion of their tasks, regardless of the media used or the location they are in.

  • A follow-up of user adoption

    Be it through e-learning, our Training Center or online tutorials, your Zero Office management suit ensures that the new tools and user interfaces implemented are used and understood by your employees.

  • Remote assistance

    Be it a professional laptop breakdown or a security application service missing on the laptop, Zero Office offers multiple solutions to support and solve such problems through online assistance such as chatbot, the remote control of your tool by one of our experts or the delivery of a new replacement device already formatted to your needs.

The benefits

  • Communication

    Zero Office provides your teams with all video and meeting conference, collaboration and telecommunication tools. The opportunity to keep in touch and support the cooperation between colleagues, but also to maintain the relationship with your customers.

  • Workplace

    Whether via laptop, tablet or smartphone, move the workplace from the office to the home and keep your employees productive. Provide secure access to the required data to ensure mission continuity, while enabling your employees to use the applications and tools they are accustomed to.

  • ICT Resources

    Thanks to the cloud, Zero Office provides a secure and compliant business continuity of services, while keeping a view on the performance and reliability of its employees.

The characteristics

  • Solution designed for the entire company (Sales, Finance, HR, Operations, Procurement, Logistics, etc.)
  • Multidevice (Corporate laptop, Private workstation, Enrolled device, Personal tablet, VPN token, etc)
  • Includes all telecommunications (mobile, 4G/5G, home wifi, SD wan, Fixed-line mobile convergence, etc.)
  • Provides compliant, secure and intelligent access to data and applications

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