SMEs in the cloud

Gain performance and mobility


Being an entrepreneur is a daily struggle. Technology provides a real competitive edge for SMEs, irrespective of your company’s size. Our ‘SMEs in the cloud’ solution provides you with a standardised and secure cloud service hosted in Luxembourg to remain connected with your company. You can count on a trustworthy partner near you. 

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Enjoy a secure work area, always connected, always available and a productive mobile team capable of cooperation from anywhere and from any device.

Reliability and flexibility

Your data and most of your applications are integrated in a Microsoft Azure infrastructure, hosted in Luxembourg, in the secure data centres of Telindus. They are accessible at all times and adaptable to your needs.

Facilitated collaboration

Stay in contact with your customers and team in real time, wherever you are, thanks to the unified collaboration and communication features.

Outsourced management

Delegate the management of your company to focus on your core business:  we see to the operation and development of the infrastructure day in and day out. In the event of IT problems, our teams can intervene as promptly as possible.

Take advantage of a flexible and accessible tool

Access what you need, when you need it, in a simple fashion. Your infrastructure is customisable, based on an ultra modern cloud environment accessible at all times, everywhere, from any terminal.

Gain productivity and peace of mind

Priority to your activity: entrust the management of your IT to specialists. Your applications and data will be stored in our efficient, redundant and highly secure data centres. Thanks to inexpensive subscriptions and the power of the cloud, you are guaranteed to have the latest tools at all times and gain mobility and productivity.


Access to the services and your applications from any terminal

Latest versions of Microsoft tools (Office, Windows, etc..)

Simple and complete administration portal

Exclusive, safe and open-ended hosting

Facilitated data storage, backup and recovery

Pricing (price fixed per user as of €79/month)

Infrastructure hosted in luxembourg

Team of specialists at your disposal

Service available and monitored 24/24 and 7/7

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