Networks and Wifi

Ensure the security of networks and wifi in business

ICT solutions

Providing end-to-end communication between all elements of an ICT infrastructure, a company’s Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and Datacentre (DC) must meet the specific needs of each of the services that they feed, particularly in terms of redundancy, security and criticality. Physical, logical and even virtualised, they must also be adaptable to provide the versatility and automation possibilities required by software-defined environments. With the development of mobility, WiFi is today the primary means for users to access a company’s network. Its reliability and security level must be brought into line with that of a wired network. Guest, tracking, analytics and marketing services can be used to enhance this WiFi infrastructure.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits

Trust and sustainability

A network infrastructure is a long-term investment that requires a reliable partner over time

Adaptability and flexibility

A diversified service and strong partnerships guarantee a customisation of the solution and high reactivity.


Constantly monitoring the latest technological developments, our network and WiFi teams are able to support you in your developments

Benefit from a tailored service

From audit to design, from implementation to maintenance and including monitoring and management services, our teams will support you throughout your project and the lifetime of your network and WiFi infrastructure. Whether a CAPEX or OPEX solution, our offer will fully reflect your needs and constraints

Focus on your core business

Thanks to their particular focus on such criteria as the reliability, scalability and versatility of the network infrastructures, the Telindus teams will enable you to overcome the operating challenges you face today and in the years to come


Reliable, open-end and versatile solutions

Diversification in the use and enhancement of WiFi infrastructures

Deep integration with the system and security solutions

Extensive experience and many references

Vast expertise of our teams

Support services during the solution’s entire lifecycle

Breadth of the portfolio of services for extensive customisation

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