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Telindus provides Copilot adoption services that ensure your secured and smooth use.

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The adoption of M365 Copilot for an organization requires essential consideration of the business use case, data scope, information security, IT integration and data governance. A wrong step in the adoption of M365 Copilot may lead to severe data leakage of even data loss. A successful adoption of M365 Copilot is the result of effort from teams including IT security, IT ops, DPO ( Data Protection Officer) and business users.

Telindus provides M365 Copilot advisory activities involving experts and consultants from the relevant domains, all PSF certified, and trained with data governance. Making sure that the outcome of the advisory is not only technically realistic, but also in accordance with the requirements of regulatory authorities and the digital maturity of the organization.

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The advisory activities provided for the Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption includes 5 phases, which need to be hit before the roll-out of the Copilot M365 usage on the organizational scope, with the access to company's data, in order to ensure a secured, efficient and compliant environment after introducing the change:


Copilot Services



M365 Copilot Strategy Services

Depending on the number of use cases, Telindus organizes workshops to help define and document a M365 Copilot adoption strategy that are later used to help define , for example, the resources collection and allocation, scope of stakeholders, as well as actions to take with different workloads.


M365 Copilot Assessment Services

Three tracks to assess the organizational profile readiness, productivity tools readiness, as well as the data security and governance readiness to adopt M365 Copilot securely and efficiently. Assessment reports will be delivered to serve also as a documentation for the organization’s digital estate and governance.


Cloud Compliance Services

A set of services centered around the regulatory needs set out in CSSF circular 22/806. Based on this, Telindus provides a multitude of services in the form of consultancy and advisory that allow customers to meet their regulatory needs.  


M365 Copilot Enablement Services

A set of services to help companies define the frameworks and implementation roadmaps that will fill the gaps identified during the assessment phase, prerequisites of setting up the M465 Copilot for each M365 applications in the scope will also be clarified in this phase.


M365 Copilot implementation Services

A set of services that help companies achieve the implementation planning. The phase includes the testing and rolling-out to production of M365 Copilot, and also on-demand services including M365 IT knowledge training, user onboarding, and data governance awareness training.

It is to be noted that to start the journey as described above, it is recommended that the sponsor of the project and the project team, have already a broad understanding of M365, M365 Copilot and Generative AI. If this is not the case, Telindus also provides AI Discovery Services, which are a set of workshops intended at providing a high-level understanding of M365, Microsoft Power Platform and different AI services and tools, as well as their services offering. 

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