Microsoft Azure

One of the most used public cloud platforms in Europe!


Microsoft Azure, as one of the most widely used public cloud platforms in Europe has been rapidly growing and providing a multitude of innovative cloud solutions to a large panel of customers across many industries. Ours experts specialized in Azure and other Microsoft cloud solutions have built and are operating Azure infrastructures and services for customers ranging from the financial institutions to industrials and family businesses in Luxembourg and abroad.

With Telindus, companies have been accelerating the transition to public cloud solutions and modernizing their IT by keeping control and harnessing the unknown.

  • Advantages
  • Benefits

Adopt agility

With a pay-as-you-go Azure pricing model or a committed use model and flexible tooling integrated into the Azure portal or Azure Devops.

Increase resiliency

With a world scale infrastructure and datacenters spread all over Europe and in neighboring country backed by a solid backbone.

Achieve compliancy

With a set of tooling provided on Azure Marketplace, Azure Cloud and Telindus’ U-Flex provided benefits and tooling. 

Well known Microsoft tooling

Leveraging services such as Azure Active Directory, Azure DevOps and the Azure Portal, Microsoft’s Cloud platform provides tools and services that are already well known by most companies and widely used across most infrastructures and IT systems. With Telindus as integrator and managed service provider, your company will take advantage of Azure’s provided tooling and benefits.

Facilitated access to innovative technologies

Empowering companies with innovative solutions and services in order to facilitate the transition to micro-service oriented architectures and global content delivery at local scale. Microsoft Azure provides a multitude of services for small and large companies. With Telindus as integrator and managed service provider, your company will take advantage of Azure’s innovation and benefits.

Affordable services with high business value

With access to Azure’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) services in conjunction to an Azure pricing adapted accordingly, access to affordable services and IT has never been so simple. With Telindus as integrator and managed service provider, your company will take advantage of Azure’s Service Model (SM) and benefits.


Ease the transition by leveraging well-known technologies such as Azure AD

Leverage agile and devops oriented tooling such as Azure Devops

Make use of PaaS services such as Microsoft SQL or Azure Kubernetes Services

Transition to a world scale infrastructure to provide global services and a global reach to your business

Benefit of Telindus expertise and certified Cloud Solution Architects and Cloud Engineers

Leverage Telindus’ authorization to act as a Resource Operator (RO) and signatory to provide Azure Services to financial institutions

Leverage Telindus’ Cloud Service Provider status to purchase Azure Services 

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