Interoute adopts a dashboarding solution to support its business management, in cooperation with Kozalys and Telindus

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Their goals

In order to guarantee its development, the Interoute Group needed a consolidated view of its entire business. For several years, the accounting management of Interoute's companies has been based on the GESALL solution offered by Telindus. This software makes it easy and efficient to manage the accounts of each of the three companies. The APSAL solution, on the other hand, is used to calculate salaries.

While these two solutions meet our needs in terms of accounting and HR administration, what was lacking was an overall view of business performance, integrating the accounting data from the different structures, which could be directly understood by the company's managers.


The challenge

  • Get a consolidated view
  • Facilitate data analysis
  • Support decision-making

The solutions

In collaboration with Telindus, Interoute has chosen Kozalys' "MyFinance" dashboarding solution to support the management of its business. Through this solution, Interoute can access reports and interactive dashboards providing a visual account of business performance.



The results

  • Facilitate data analysis and gain an overview of the business' financial situation, to understand the health of the business in relation to its objectives.
  • Create bridges between accounting and payroll programs and the dashboarding solution, enabling near real-time analysis. 

The benefits

  • Dashboards are updated automatically to enable near real-time analysis.
  • The tool makes it easier for the company to identify any problems or react immediately when necessary.
  • Interoute managers have access to key indicators such as sales trends, cash flow, balance of payments and many others, enabling them to assess the company's performance at any time.
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The solution, by enabling direct reporting on the financial situation of the business, facilitates data analysis. You can see at a glance, day by day, where you are in relation to your objectives.


Administrative and Financial Director

Interoute in brief

Interoute is a transport and logistics company based in Foetz, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our company specializes in the transport of parcels & pallets in Luxembourg and throughout Europe, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.

We have been present on the Luxembourg market since 1964, and remain perfectly independent of any logistics group, enabling us to collaborate with all existing distribution networks.