Google Cloud

Access one of the most innovative public cloud platforms!


Google with its Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as one of the most innovative public cloud platforms, has been reinventing the way companies work with public cloud and increasing their adoption rate by providing easy-to use top-of-the-class services with a particular emphasis on limiting vendor lock-in. Our experts specialized and certified in Google Cloud technologies have built solutions and are operating services for a panel of customers ranging from the financial institutions to industrials and family businesses in Luxembourg and abroad.

With Telindus, companies have been accelerating the transition to public cloud solutions and modernizing their IT by keeping control and harnessing the unknown.

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Embrace Innovation

With Google being one of the inventor and biggest contributor to many innovative tools and services such as Kubernetes, BigQuery, Anthos etc.

Keep your sovereignty

With a set of services increasing control and privacy of your workloads and data especially with confidential workloads provided by Google Compute Engine, hybrid solutions such as Anthos and BigQuery Omni, etc.

Achieve compliancy

With a set of tooling provided on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, Google Cloud Platform and Telindus’ U-Flex provided benefits and tooling. 

Leverage open-source solutions

Google has been one of the pioneers for IT technologies and is one of the mayor contributors to many open-source technologies such as Kubernetes, TensorFlow, etc. With its rich technology portfolio, companies are able to restrict vendor-lock-in to a minimum and increase their adoption of open solutions.

Increase security and privacy

Google has been investing heavily into securing its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and making available to its customers many security enabled services that increase the overall security level of customer infrastructures. With those services topped by confidential workloads and other privacy-focused services, companies can keep their data secure and private.

Deploy world-scale hybrid cloud solutions

Google has one of the largest connectivity backbones in the world which, when coupled to hybrid solutions such as Anthos, GKE on-prem or BigQuery Omni is capable to provide state-of-the art technologies and services at a never before seen scale. Whit those services, companies have been targeting global markets and expanding their customer reach.


Ease the transition by easy-to-use solutions such as Google Compute Engine and Google Storage.

Leverage agile and devops oriented services such as Google Kubernetes Engine and Google App Engine

Make use of hybrid services such as Google Anthos and GKE on-premise

Transition to a world scale infrastructure to provide global services and a global reach to your business

Benefit of Telindus expertise and certified Cloud Solution Architects and Cloud Engineers

Leverage Telindus’ authorization to act as a Resource Operator (RO) and signatory to provide Google Cloud Services to financial institutions and other industries

Leverage Telindus’ Partner status to purchase Google Cloud Services

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