A decade of growth and innovation in telecoms

Author: Michael Renotte

A decade of growth and innovation in telecoms 

In less than ten years, Telindus has risen to the second place among the telecom operators active on the corporate market in Luxembourg, clearly ahead of all competitors and gradually closing the gap with the incumbent operator. The company is now a key player in the telecommunications sector, now one of the main pillars of its development strategy. The jury of the Luxembourg ICT Awards has not been mistaken in awarding the Telecom Provider of the Year prize to Telindus twice in the past three years.

Telindus offers a comprehensive range of services to the entire Luxembourg ecosystem, regardless of the company size. Through its operator model supported by an innovative strategy both in terms of technology and market approach, Telindus serves large organizations as well as SMBs.

"Our presence in all segments of the corporate market allows us to standardize and industrialize solutions originally developed for the specific needs of large organizations, and to make them available to those with more limited resources such as SMBs", explains Hugues Stiernon, Telecom Solutions Department Manager at Telindus.


Fixed Connectivity

"With regard to fixed connectivity and telephony, our portfolio includes a modular offer in particular, that we propose as 'à la carte' services. This flexible offer, based on the Telindus Explore product line, meets the needs of most of our customers, be they large corporates or small businesses. Explore also allows us to respond to more specific requests with tailored solutions whose prices do not exceed those charged by other market players", says Hugues Stiernon.


Mobility: It Takes Two to Tango

Since the merger with Tango two years ago, Telindus has been given the task of distributing the Group's mobile services on the business customer market. This is why Telindus has set up its own product development department. The Flex solution recently launched by Telindus for instance, was fully developed by its EBU division.


Working towards Convergence

"We are working hard to maintain and broaden our telecom portfolio, in particular by deepening the digitalization of our products, with the ambition of making convergence between fixed, mobile and IT technologies a reality, and ultimately bringing integrated end-to-end solutions to our customers. Announcements on this topic could be made as early as next year", concludes Hugues Stiernon.

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