Flex Mobile phone plan adapted to consumption in business

Flex is the first monthly rate which adapts automatically to the use made by your employees, ensuring that you only pay for what your employees really need. Not more!

Thanks to the Flex rates, your employees can be reached everywhere in Europe and the United States, while at the same time benefiting from the Tango 4G/4G+ network.  For even greater flexibility, you can opt for the attractive rates for destinations outside Europe by adding roaming options to your Flex packages.

Key benefits Flex

  • Simplicity

    The package of each of your employees automatically adjusts to use. At the start of each month, the meters are reset to zero and everyone is attributed the lowest rate.

  • Greater peace of mind

    Call, collaborate and access your information from Europe and the United States at the same price as in Luxembourg and vice-versa!

  • International

    Calls to Switzerland, Europe and the United States are included in your packages.

  • Control

    You can be sure to only pay for what your employees really need.

For whom ?

The benefits

  • Judicious use

    You are now assured that your staff can be reached at all times at a lower cost. You can also add certain roaming options to « TOP » or « Rest of the world » destinations to keep your budget even better under control.

  • Think mobile

    Increase employee satisfaction by opting for a package including a mobile device, thereby allowing them to get the latest smartphones on the market. Our offer with the Solution4newdevice option will moreover enable you to facilitate their financing!

The characteristics

  • Billing per second from the first second, national and international 
  • 1 kb/1kb billing, national
  • Access to the Tango 4G/4G+ network
  • Automatic rate upgrade when the voice/SMS meter or the data meter is used up
  • Calls to and from the United States included
  • Calls to and from Switzerland included
  • Attractive options for travel abroad