The cloud is becoming an essential tool in effective IT management for businesses, and the range of cloud solutions continues to expand.

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Move to the cloud with Telindus solutions. You will benefit from a flexible IT environment that can increase your performance and reduce your costs. The simplification of procedures and IT management gives you the time to refocus on your core business and gain agility. They include the following services:

Services Cloud
Cloud privé
Private Cloud

The private cloud offer of Telindus has many advantages under managed hosting or self-service: simplification of information technology, cost control and predictability, reduction of risk relating to innovation, agility and performance, adaptation of expenses to needs or reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Cloud public
Public Cloud

Based on its many years of experience and in collaboration with the mayor cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft, Telindus has developed a complete pallet of service to provide an all-around service portfolio ranging from helping customers with their strategy to running their infrastructure and services in the cloud!


Hybride cloud
Hybrid Cloud

In order to address the digital transformation and the evolving IT needs of our customers, Telindus has developed a new hybrid cloud offering by leveraging its existing private cloud services and partnership with recognized public cloud actors (Microsoft Azure and AWS and Google Cloud).


Sovereign Cloud
Sovereign Cloud

The Telindus Sovereign Cloud allows you to know at any time where your data is physically located and to have the guarantee that it does not leave Luxembourg. By offering you cloud-native solutions on our sovereign cloud, you get the best of both worlds: the private cloud and the public cloud.


Cloud souverain
Cloud Applications

The cloud application services can help you run your company more efficiently and effectively: improvement of tools and service for the users, rapid and simple deployment of new tools and applications, structuring of management data  and improvement of procedures, reduction of operating costs.


Housing Cloud

If the security and availability of your IT rooms are not guaranteed, there is a risk of data loss or decreased productivity. Therefore, you need housing services, one or more modern, secure, and cost-effective IT rooms. Telindus has developed a comprehensive offering providing a wide range of options for hosting your data in multi-tier data centers.


GDC air-gapped
Google Distributed Cloud air-gapped

The solution we offer is a unique initiative in Luxembourg and Europe. It allows customers to deploy sensitive applications containing critical data with confidence and to provide next-generation digital sovereignty controls. Installed and managed locally, the solution has all the necessary guarantees with regard to data preservation.


Cloud adoption
Cloud Adoption

Telindus provides advisory and implementation services, accompanying companies to hit major milestones before migrating any applications or workloads to the cloud, and to adopt the cloud environment more efficiently after the migration. 


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