Cloud objective

Cloud Computing will revolutionize the use of IT services within your company. Thanks to Cloud Computing, you will be able to use IT services on demand, without having to worry about infrastructure, security and maintenance issues.


Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Serenity: You have the latest technology and tools tailored to your needs. Focus on what really matters to you: generate value to your customers.

  • Costs control: Concentrate your financial investment capacity on your core business rather than on ICT infrastructure

  • Predictability: You know in advance the cost of each additional resource and anticipate serenely future developments

  • Security: Our solution includes Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan options. In case of disaster, your data are protected and safe.

In 3 minutes, dicover what cloud computing is all about!

3 minutes to get rid of your problems around traditional ICT

Unleash the power of the cloud!

Focus exclusively on your core business while benefitting from a performing, well secured ICT and telecommunications network. Let’s make the journey together, going towards the Cloud, but starting on the Ground and moving step by step. With Dynamic Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Desktop-as-a-Service. With converged Communication-as-a-Service. And finally with Software-as-a-Service.

Our cloud computing portfolio includes:

  • U-free : Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)
  • U-touch : Communication-as-a-Service (CaaS)
  • U-flex : Managed Private Cloud Services (IaaS)
  • U-cloud : Infrastructure en mode self service
  • U-share : Collaboration-as-a-Service
  • U-select : IT self-service

How does it work?

An account manager makes an appointment with you to listen and understand your needs and expectations. Once the challenges identified, Telindus Telecom proposes you a tailor-made offer and defines with you the scope of action.

Then a project manager takes over to analyze and assess current situation on a technical point of view to ensure a smooth and seamless migration of your ICT environment in Telindus datacenter in Bettembourg and if necessary, improve it.

In collaboration with LuxConnect, Telindus Telecom operates its datacenter in Bettembourg and hosts its customers’ ICT. Thanks to its own fiber optic backbone and Belgacom Explore platform, Telindus Telecom is able to connect your intranet over a secure, reliable and well managed network while providing the best connectivity services in Luxembourg and Belgium.

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