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Companies, Internet service providers/cloud providers or other players in the digital transformation market nowadays face a common problem: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and are increasing exponentially. Today, the question is not whether you will suffer a DDoS attack, but when. To respond to the increasingly present and complex DDOS attacks, and in the face of the emergence of multiple vectors of aggression, efficiency, visibility and expertise are more than ever essential assets to your security strategy. In order to effectively strengthen the defence of your business, Telindus provides you with comprehensive support against all types of attacks through its anti-DDoS solution adapted to your various business challenges.

  • Advantages
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Adapted technology

Our solution has the advantage of supporting a mitigation architecture called "diversion/reinjection". Thanks to this operating mode, only traffic flows carrying DDOS attacks are redirected to the mitigation centre through routing updates

Easy to configure

Our solution enables the protection of multiple links and datacenters through a single, centralized system. This results in a more efficient use of mitigation features

Precise monitoring

Our solution also integrates a global information flow and anomaly detection allowing it to identify and stop volumetric attacks

Immediate reactivity

Minimize downtime by proactively detecting threats. Our solution allows you to quickly diagnose threats that may impact the availability of your services

Ease of processing


Automatically delete only attack traffic without interrupting the legitimate traffic flow


Protection service available 24/7

Surgical initiation

Single point of contact

Tailored "mitigation strategy”


Customer support in setting up procedures to be adopted in the event of an attack

Analyses and statistics targeted on your infrastructure

Threat detection

Attack and Mitigation Report

Using BGP Flow Spec for routing updates

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