Voyages Emile Weber

Telindus boosts the flexibility and response capacity of the Voyages Emile Weber bus fleet

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Voyage Emile Weber

Their goals

  • Voyages Emile Weber (VEW) is a company that operates a large fleet of buses for various entities throughout Luxembourg and the Greater Region. VEW provides a wide variety of services, including public transport, school buses, shuttle buses for companies and night transport

  • Faced with these different service profiles and an increasingly complex traffic situation, the company was keen to facilitate communication with its bus drivers by introducing the necessary processes and management tools

  • VEW operations needed to become more flexible to better cope with delays, diversions, schedule changes, etc

Voyage Emile Weber

The challenge

  • Communication with the drivers was a major challenge. It could take 5 to 10 minutes to collect information about vehicles and drivers, with group communications meaning multiplying this by the number of buses concerned

  • For safety and legal compliance reasons, it was not possible to use the drivers’ mobile phones

  • As a bus was not always driven by the same driver (due to holidays, illness or other reason for unavailability), the vehicle had to be reachable by telephone

Voyage Emile Weber

The solutions

  • Telindus has implemented a Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMU) solution to facilitate and centralize communications

  • The VEW buses have been equiped, so that they can be reached by telephone (hands-free system, SIM card)

  • A telephone number, accessible via a short code, has been assigned to each vehicle

  • A tailor-made development made it possible to adapt the solution to VEW’s specific requirements, as for example the short code that had to match the four digits of the bus license plate

Voyage Emile Weber

The results

  • Voyages Emile Weber’s Loge service (support service) can now directly use the numbers on a bus’s license plate to reach its driver almost instantaneously, without having to carry out painstaking searches in different directories

  • The solution was rolled out in less than three months

  • To date, 500 buses have been activated

Voyage Emile Weber

The benefits

  • Reduction in the length of the calling processes

  • Increased responsiveness in the event of changes in traffic conditions, incidents or accidents

  • Improvement in the overall level of safety of the transport network

  • Operations made easier by Telindus taking over the management of the solution

Voyages Emile Weber
A word from the client

"The convergence solution implemented by Telindus brings us increased flexibility and significant gains in terms of responsiveness and safety. The fact that Telindus is in charge of managing the solution allows us to focus on our business with complete peace of mind''

CYRILLE HORPER - Communication Manager of the Mobility Department, Voyages Emile Weber

Voyages Emile Weber in short

Founded in 1875, the small Luxembourg company running only one stagecoach has become one of the largest passenger transport and tourism companies in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Today, Voyages Emile Weber over 1,300 employees, a fleet of more than 900 vehicles, ranging from minibuses to luxury coaches and taxis, and a network of 22 travel agencies and tour operators.
The company’s main activity is passenger transport by bus, serving many regular routes in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Cross-border routes are taking on increasing importance, a major growth driver for the company. VEW also provides school transport, as well as transport for people with reduced mobility, which has always been close to the company’s heart.