Ville d'Esch-sur-Alzette

Unify the municipal services’ mobile resources management

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Their goals

  • Have an operating multi-system platform capable of supporting both iOS and Android devices

  • Manage all types of devices globally through a single console

  • Benefit from a Web platform to facilitate the updating processes and daily use


The challenge

  • Mettre en place une solution de MDM (Mobile Device Management) supportant plusieurs systèmes d’exploitation
  • Extend to the entire mobile fleet the system for authenticating devices by certificate via the City's Wifi network

The solutions

  • Telindus deployment of MobileIron's Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform which contain an automatic enrolment and configuration of devices and a device management through the Wifi network regardless of the operating system
  • All users who work outside the office can now have a mobile device to access, at least, their email. These users include heads of departments of the various City administrations, municipal officials, staff of the energy supplier Sudstroum, and even councillors and council members of the City of Esch

The results

  • Today, all users of a mobile terminal in the City of Esch services, (and soon the basic schools that depend on it), have access to an automatic enrolment system for their device. This solution makes it easier for the IT department to manage the mobile fleet, save significant time and be less solicited by users

  • Create accounts for iOS devices through Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, which allows you to install free or paid applications directly on the devices, acquired in batches of tens or hundreds of units

  • The user is relieved of any worries: when he receives his device, he just has to turn it on and connect with his usual identifiers to directly benefit from the services and applications to which he is entitled


The benefits

  • Better management of the mobile fleet, as well as significant time savings

  • Fast acquisition, installation and use of free or paid applications on devices

  • The enterprise store can also be customized by IT administrators, who can assign applications to determined specific users - or groups of users

  • Intuitive and secure access, use and sharing of documents in different repositories on site or in the cloud

Ville d'esch
A word from the client

''The City of Esch is particularly open to new technologies and the IT Department team is proud to be able to regularly provide the City's services with innovations recently introduced on the market.

Telindus' experts are very responsive and provide us with unfailing support. On this basis, we plan to extend our collaboration to integrating certain cloud services such as Office 365 into the MobileIron solution, but also - and most importantly - to put in place the necessary prevention measures and controls to protect our users from the various mobile threats and attacks.''

CHRISTOPHE CABRAL  - Systems Administrator, IT Department of the City of Esch-sur-Alzette

Ville d'Esch-sur-Alzette in short

Esch-sur-Alzette is a Luxembourg city. The capital of the canton of the same name, it is, after Luxembourg City, the second largest city in the country, with about 34,000 inhabitants.