Vermeg is migrating its solutions in SaaS mode by relying on the U-Flex offer from Telindus

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Their goals

  • Following the shutdown of its former supplier, VERMEG had to find a new partner to host its solutions in SaaS mode.

  • Through this change, the company saw the opportunity to reshape its SaaS platform to take advantage of the latest technological developments in infrastructure.

  • VERMEG looked for a partner who could complete the application solutions by meeting the specific needs of its customers in terms of security and connectivity.

  • It was necessary to find a hosting solution that provided all the guarantees of compliance with the financial sector regulator and that was strong enough to convince customers of the opportunity of this development.


The challenge

  • Convince customers and the regulator with strong guarantees in terms of data security and solution availability

  • Migrate in two years to a managed infrastructure, allowing access to the latest technologies and offering great flexibility


The solutions 

  • With U-Flex, VERMEG benefits from a fully managed infrastructure and an application and database management service. Telindus acts as a complementary partner to VERMEG's offer, providing each client of the publisher with security and connectivity services

  • With Telindus, VERMEG has set up a managed platform, both robust and flexible, to offer its solutions in SaaS mode


The results

All users of VERMEG solutions have been migrated in less than two years. Today, thanks to good collaboration between VERMEG and Telindus teams, each new customer can be welcomed and integrated in record time, benefiting from a dedicated and secure data environment, which evolves with their needs. The platform put in place supports the company's evolution towards a distribution of its solutions in SaaS mode.


The benefits

  • Telindus is a partner that provides high guarantees in terms of availability and security, to meet the concerns of customers and regulators.

  • VERMEG can rely on a managed IT environment, which evolves according to the needs of each client and which allows it to concentrate on its core business.

  • By relying on Telindus' expertise, VERMEG is able to continue to develop its SaaS offer by deploying platforms for the group's other solutions.

A word from the client

''Each customer benefits from the advantages of pooling while benefiting from the great scalability of the resources they use. In this way, we have access to the best “cost-effectiveness” ratio''

FRÉDÉRIC ARMAN - Delivery Manager Wealth & Asset Management Benelux

Vermeg in short

VERMEG is a specialized software house covering three main market segments in financial services: Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance. Our business solutions are designed to address the challenges linked to the transformation of the financial services industry. As information system architects, we ensure our clients can achieve cost reductions and Time-To-Market control in the modernization of their information systems. In addition to offering standard software solutions that meet evolving digitized needs, VERMEG provides tailor-made solutions based on our own tools, project and business expertise. VERMEG has over 1700 employees, with presence in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Tunisia and United States. The company supports more than 550 clients in 40 countries. For more information visit